For Now

March 26, 2024

Since I last shared an update, this little human joined our world. During a welcome respite from family crises - and an actual small window of good health - my child became a parent. 

How I wish this grandbaby could know her father, my child.

How I wish she could learn to swim from the safety of my child's arms.

How I wish my child could lift her high overhead to make a basket.

How I wish she could sit on my child's lap and lay her hands over my child's fingers as they glide over the keys of a piano.

But for now, that is not to be. For now, I am just grateful to know that this little human is well-loved and cared for. 

I am still hopeful there may come a day that my child gets to know this little, beautiful human.

But, for now, as always, I remain still hopeful.

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