A Brother's Time

June 30, 2013

Tomorrow my younger son and I will visit my older son in prison. Though I have been there several times, it will be the first time my younger son has been there. He hasn't seen his brother since the arrest.

Up until now, my younger son has not wanted to go see his older brother at all, though I've given him ample opportunity. I have not pressured him about it though. First there was school work to think about. Then there has been a new driver's license and a job to distract him. But that's been what he's done. Distracted himself from this crazy world he has found himself in where his older brother is in jail and his mother is a trying not to be a total basket case.

It's not a mystery why he hasn't wanted to visit. There has been anger, disappointment, and shame. When his older brother was first arrested, it was posted in the newspaper and online with a mugshot, of course. That was a difficult time for him. Fielding questions and comments at school was even worse. And then coming home to a mother who sometimes can't get out of bed has been pretty bad too.

All in all, he's had a pretty sucky spring.

But now, after three months, he's decided it's finally time to face his brother. I don't know what to expect. All I know is I will be there standing beside him on the other side of the glass.

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