July 4, 2013

Today marks America's Independence Day. Parades, BBQs, fireworks displays. Red, white, and blue in every direction. A celebration of FREEDOM.

But I am in a fog. Just a few days ago, my younger son received his driver's license. His indendence is budding while my older son is INside for his IN-dependence day. He is INside a prison cell.

The other day the boys had a visit together. I wrote about it in my last post. I was fearful of it, but it turned out to be a wonderful experience for both of them. My older son has never looked so happy since I've seen him behind bars. And my younger son seemed perfectly at ease with his older brother clad in white state issued attire, telling him his latest bad joke and filling him in on what his life as a busser for a restaurant has been like. It was like they were back at home again.

Only there was a wall of inpenetrable glass between them and they were talking on telephones.

So this Independence day isn't one I'm embracing. I am as patriotic as any American, and I, of course, recognize this holiday's significance, but I am overwhelmed with my boys' new independence and IN-dependence. I wish I could celebrate freedom.

Maybe next year.

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