A Mother Knows

March 29, 2013
Yesterday what I have feared would happen actually did.  My son was arrested.  He has six charges against him.  While I won't discuss the actual case, I will say that these charges are incredibly serious and will likely lead to his incarceration.

Needless to say, I am devastated.  This is my twenty year old son.  He is in prison charged with serious crimes.  He may remain there for a long time.  I am still wrapping my head around this concept.  Thankfully, the actions he took did not involve hurting himself or anyone else.  It is a small consolation but I can at least be thankful for something.

And I am also relieved in some strange way.  I have been saying this all along.  He has been a ticking time bomb for years.  Few people believed me.  I was told, "He's just a kid.  He'll grow out of it."  But I knew there was something seriously wrong.  Very few listened.  And nothing could be done.

Until now.

So I have been proven right.  Everything I have said about his instability, his poor judgment, his volatile behavior, his impulsivity, his alcohol/drug abuse, all of it...I was right.  A mother knows.

How I wish I'd been wrong.

Hopefully, once this nightmare is over, he will finally receive the treatment he so desperately needs.  Hopefully, there will be some good that comes of this horrible event.  Hopefully, someday we may all find some peace and he may have a happy life.  One that he deserves.

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