A Documentary about Mental Illness and Its Stigma

May 11, 2015

In June 2013, my younger son and I were interviewed by a documentary film maker who was traveling the globe for his project about mental illness and its stigma. Here is the link to the original post from my blog.

We were honored to be involved in this powerful film with such an important message. The film is now finished. I hope you'll take a peek at the film. The director, Tim Hill, plans to submit it to film festivals later this year, but hopefully, you'll help us share it via the internet as well.

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  1. You did a beautiful job in the documentary and you're courageous to speak out. We all need to do so if we can. I think of you often and I hope Jake is doing okay--that the criminal justice system understand how mental illness played into his situation and that he is being treated well. I hope he is close to getting released. Would you email me off line and let me know how things are going. You can reach me at the "contact me" link on my website--http://kathybrandtauthor.com My son is doing well right now, but I know how things could have gone for him. So much is just a matter of circumstance and luck. Our mental health care system fails us far too often. I'm sending love your way. Kathy