Dare to Be a Teacher

August 17, 2013“It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare; it is because we do not dare that things are difficult.” - Segoyewatha, Seneca ChiefAs the new school year approaches and the back to school sales bombard you, consider yourself a teacher. Acknowledge your duty as a teacher, because you are a teacher. A teacher for change.While you may not have your own classroom of students to influence, your day to day actions affect others.Your daily choices and behaviors are observed and quite possibly emulated by others. Is this a good thing? Of course it is. Just think of what you can do as a teacher. You have an opportunity to be a model for change. Find a way today to promote an end to the stigma of mental illness. Just do one positive thing for this important cause.Listen to how others speak. If they are using derogatory terminology, gently suggest alternatives. Our culture remains ignorant to what the mental health community deserves. Respect. Even people like Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz, and Brian Williams have shown that society does not know enough about mental illness.You are a teacher. Teach.Find your local NAMI office and become a member or seek out other community organizations that support mental illness. Attend a support group or participate in a 5K walk that benefits a mental health organization. Volunteer.You are a teacher. Let's educate and change the way the world sees mental illness. Dare to be a teacher. 

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