To Teachers

May 15, 2013

Today is a typical day.  In 6 minutes, there will be 30 students walking through my door expecting my full attention.

They'll have it.  Because, you see, teaching for me is therapy.

Devoting my complete self to a group of eager students (and some not so eager) provides me so many gifts.  My mind must be on them and their needs.  And in doing this my mind has no time to wander to other things...darker things like the son I have who sits in a cell awaiting sentencing.  I can't be worried about a call from the attorney to discuss strategy or a message on my phone from my therapist confirming my appointment.  I can't be worried about anything but my students.

They need me.  And that fact inspires me to put aside my worries for just a few hours each day.  And honestly, I need them just as much.

This post goes out to all teachers everywhere.  Embrace your students as they do you.  Remember they put their trust in you everyday.  You must in turn put your trust in them...that they will give you what you need.

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